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Your Supertrain Archivist

Guess you might say both Trains and NBC are in my blood, so "Supertrain" is just the natural perfect thing for me!
I grew up near St. Louis, Missouri in the United States of America, our NBC affiliate was KSD-TV 5 (KSDK beginning in 1979).  One of my earliest memories is the NBC Color Peacock ID that ran ahead of programs when I was young.  The National Broadcasting Company became my favorite of the then "Big Three" TV-networks operating in the U.S. in the 1970s. 
While other kids had a favorite sports team to keep up with and know scores and facts about, I was that one and seemingly only kid in my hometown that could tell you what TV shows finished on top of the ratings and what NBC shows were finishing at the bottom back in the late '70s.  While you might have been watching "Happy Days" on Tuesday nights, I watched "Cliffhangers!"; as you enjoyed "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" on Saturdays, my night was spent with "BJ and the Bear" and "Supertrain."
How serious a "Supertrain" fan was I, you ask?  I recorded cassette tapes of the show.  I set up a Super 8 camera and shot footage of the train rolling across our 25-inch RCA color TV.  And nearly a quarter century later, I still have the cassette tapes and the Super 8 film.  Thanks to the internet, I was able to obtain videotape copies of "Supertrain" some years back and enjoy watching them on DVD to this day.  And I still today hear the "Supertrain" theme play in my head when I see Amtrak roll into the train station where I work.  Yes, you could easily label me a bit of freak I suppose.
With respect to trains, I grew up watching trains and playing with toy trains thanks to my father's interest in both.  And continue my interest today in HO-Scale model trains both operating and collecting.

Nothing completed a good Saturday night in the summer of '79 like "BJ and the Bear" followed by "Supertrain" on NBC.